In order to receive your reading I request the following :

I will need:

1. Your Name

2. Your Date of Birth and the date of birth of anyone you are asking about. 

3. Sex

4. Your question(s)numbered 

5. Optional: a Photo. This is not necessary but you can include it if you like. 


You may provide me a back story to your question or provide me any information you might think is relevant . However when it comes to the questions please number them . 

For example :

Name: Jane Doe

Date of birth : August 11, 1976, Bill March 11th 1980 male, Tony May 6th 1978 male . 

Sex: Female


1. Will Bill ask me to work on the project with him?

2. Will my husband Tony Receive the raise he is due?

3. Will I travel this summer?

This of course is just an example . From now on this is the format to which I will work. It seems easier and there is less room for confusion for me as people tend to ask multiple questions through their emails to me and to avoid confusion here is my format from this point on.